We welcome you to stay close to nature, in Halmstad


Halmstad has several hotels to offer, but Tylebäck Hotell & Konferens has something that the other hotels don’t have, namely peace! Our rooms are surrounded by greenery and you can hear the sound of the sea if you listen closely.

Food & Drink

Our menus partly have their origins in the Swedish cooking tradition, but also exciting dishes seasoned with influences from all over the world. Because we are keen to cook our food using fine ingredients, we source as much as possible from local suppliers.


Tylebäck is a unique place to hold trainings, events, kickoffs and conferences, trainings, events and kickoffs. We are in the middle of nature with the sea within walking distance.


We offer different packages depending on the season and demand. Here you can find something that suits you.



Spa & Relaxation


Spa & Relaxation

A moment of calm, a feeling of tranquility - we want you to enjoy your stay with us.

There is something special about the serene atmosphere at Tylebäck. We are often told this is the reason our guests want to return. You can relax and enjoy the peace as well as gather strength and energy for future challenges lying ahead. Whether your visit coinsides with a meeting, a holiday, a lunch or a or break from every day life we hope you will remember us with fondness.